For booking, please contact Erica Gionfriddo at

ARCOS is booked to tour and perform evening-length shows, co-present short multimedia performance or concert dance pieces with other companies or artists, and create commissioned, site-specific projects for interdisciplinary festivals and symposia.

Presenters in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma currently may be able to receive up to 25% of ARCOS’ fee through Mid-America Arts Alliance’s Regional Touring Program.

Shows: The Warriors: A Love Story (2013), Domain (2016), Tasteful (2017), In the Ether (2018), The Tower Is Us (A Prisoner’s Cinema) (2018).

Pieces: French Proverb (2011), The Uncommon Self (2012), Heights By Half Past (2012), One of Five (2012), To Have Everything (2012), The March (2012), A Kinetic Encounter (2013), Excerpts from a 12-Volt Memory (2013), Duet (2014), She, Extracted. (2014),  Sister (2016), Elegy (2016), ANNI (2016), Whaling (2016), Spheres (2016) (mobile site), Spelunking (2017), (twelve-twelve-thirty) (2017), what there is and all there is (2017), The Warriors suite (2017), Remote (2017), When Televisions Sleep (2017).

View samples of ARCOS’ work below.